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Northfield Fire Department
93 Main Street
Northfield, MA 01360

Telephone: 498.5100



We encourage you to feel free to contact us. To make any appointment with Chief Dunnell or for any other non-emergency services needed you can call our business telephone at 498.5100. Since we are not always in the building when you call, please leave a message with your name, phone number, and reason for calling.


As members of the community we also perform non-emergency services for citizens of Northfield. These can benefit you and also us by giving our newer members hands on training. Do you have a pool? Need it filled? We can do that for you. We do not have a set charge for pool fills but will gladly accept any donations. Please leave a message if you need a pool filled.

If your basement is flooding and it is a hazardous situation we will respond on an emergency level to pump it out. A hazardous situation would mean that water is or is quickly getting close to any electrical panels or furnaces.


The photo section of the website will continue to grow. We welcome any photos that you may have of anything related to our department. In particular, anyone with any historical pictures of the NFD are strongly encouraged to submit your pictures. Any pictures sent to us that we choose to use on this website will be scanned and returned to you provided that you include a self addressed & stamped envelope. If we do post your photo(s) you will be credited under the picture. Please send any photos to:

Northfield Fire Department
93 Main Street
Northfield, MA 01360

or email to:

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